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Emotion and sound: a podcast and blog that explores the emotional realms of sound and the sonics of feelings.


Hello and welcome to the Emotion and Sound Podcast - where we delve deeper into the emotional realms of sound and the sonics of emotions.


Have you ever been listening to a song maybe whilst driving or dancing at a club, and there has been a certain part of the track that seems to fill you up, give you chills, or lift you up and expand your awareness. Have you ever had that? What songs give you that feeling? Can you identify the specific part of the track, and the image that you see when you think about that song and that feeling?

Going for a Drive
White Headphones


This podcast is for you:- 

If you love listening to music whilst moving or driving

If you have struggled with relaxation music because it doesn’t relax you

If you have wondered why music can make you feel a certain way

If you have ever had a peak feeling of awe, wonder, and/or exhilaration whilst listening to music and wondered why.


Each episode we will use our stories and memories of particular moments in our lives where certain tracks have helped us in some way or made us experience a feeling of musical awe.

We will analyse the tracks and retell our narratives and explore the feelings that the music evoked at that time. We will create a playlist together of tracks that we believe evoke that hard-to-pin-down feeling of musical awe.

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