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Music Production


Music for Therapies & Wellbeing

Creative work

Songwriting & Vocals

Songwriting & Vocals

I record, write and perform under the artist name 'Ortense Blue'.

In my creative work I like to write story-driven songs using standard songwriting methods but then use electronic sound and digital manipulations to shape the sound into something that has been called labelled as a "Folky Goldfrapp".

Ladies (320kbps) MasterOrtense Blue
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Safe to Make a Sound

In September 2017 I released my debut album on vinyl-style CD. 'Safe to make a sound' contained three original songs of mine plus a cover of 'I Put a Spell on You'. It was produced by Paul 'Pash' Hutchinson at North West Recording Studios and I'm proud of the blend of analogue/digital equipment used and the overall sound that we achieved. Have a listen on Spotify or Soundcloud.

Music Production

I record and produce from my own studio and am currently completing a MMus in Music & Sound (Production Pathway) at the Academy of Music & Sound and London College of Music via the University of West London.

Music for wellbeing & music for therapies

The focus of my production and research is on music for wellbeing and music for therapies and in particular the analysis of musical awe.

In my blog and podcast 'Emotion and Sound' I also explore the coming together of music, sound therapies and wellbeing.

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