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Hero Press

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2021 (Paperback)

2022 (Audiobook)

'Do I Need To See a Therapist?'

Why are we wary of seeing a therapist? Could the fear of getting upset be part of the reason? 

This is the subject of my latest book which looks at the fear of therapy and the fear of our own emotions and how one affects the other.

Text of 'Do I Need to See a Therapist' inside three speech bubbles on orange background, image is inside smartphone placeholder, with icon of headphones on top left, grey background
Hand holding hardback copy of the book 'Do I Need to See a Therapist', grey background

What else is in the book?

I also talk through how to overcome this fear of getting upset and introduce a new method for managing our emotions. 

The book also gives you an appendix full of information about the different therapies and places where you can find the right therapist for you.

Where to find the book

You can get the book at your local library or buy online from booksellers. Here are some links where you can purchase the book:

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